S1 Building Engineering Education (PTB) Study Program


The realization of a superior S1-Building Engineering Education Study Program and a reference in meeting the needs of both national and global users.

The excellence of the S1-PTB Study Program is indicated (1) the production of research and community service as an innovative work of lecturers and the academic community; (2) more and more publications by lecturers and students in the fields of building engineering education and civil engineering and its applications that can be utilized by the public; (3) more and more lecturers of PTB UM Study Program are used as references and resource persons by the community; (4) more and more requests for cooperation from other institutions; and (5) more and more alumni have a key role in society.


  1. Organizing higher education to produce quality and highly competitive professional staff in the field of building engineering education,
  2. Carrying out research and development of building engineering education science to produce superior academic work and can be a reference in the field of building engineering education.
  3. Applying the field of civil engineering to empower people to lead a life that is smarter, more prosperous, with dignity, and cares about the problems of the country, the nation, and humanity,
  4. Cooperating with various parties to improve the quality of the performance of the S1-PTB Study Program,
  5. Empowering the potential and resources of the S1-PTB Study Program to improve the role, image, and quality of the PTB Undergraduate Study Program, and
  6. Organizing accountable and transparent management of the S1-PTB study program to ensure the realization of excellent service.


  1. Producing graduates who are superior and have high competitiveness, have the ability, knowledge, skills, and professional attitudes as teaching staff (teachers) in the field of building engineering for vocational high schools and vocational training institutions,
  2. Produce academic work through research and scientific development activities in the field of building engineering education and / or civil engineering.
  3. Realizing community welfare through the application of science and technology in the field of building engineering education and / or civil engineering.
  4. Improving the quality and performance of study programs, through the implementation of cooperation with various parties, both inside and outside the S1-PTB Study Program
  5. Increase the role, network, and image of the S1-PTB Study Program through empowering alumni who are spread across various job fields throughout Indonesia;
  6. Creating a healthy S1-PTB Study Program organization based on the principles of autonomy, accountability, accreditation, and continuous self-evaluation.


For Curriculum 14 and 2018 (new) S1-Building Engineering Education (PTB) can be downloaded at the link below:

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2018 S1 PTB curriculum equivalence